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Re: [APD] Plant ID

 Chuck wrote:

> Hi, Joel.  In case you've not yet received an ID, "El planto" is the
> emerse form of Hygrophila difformis, aka Water Wisteria.  Many shops,
> especially the chain stores, sell it in this form.  In time, its
> appearance will alter drastically for the better.  If you look at the
> youngest leaves at the top of the plant, you can see that they are
> already changing their shape and have a healthier appearance compared
> to the older leaves which are dying (hence their cruddy appearance).
> Give the plant some time to establish itself, then pull the stems up
> and trim off those skanky bottoms.
ok so your saying that I should chop them off and make new cuttings? or are
you saying just to remove the leaves? its seems there are some new leaves
growing at several nodes...
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