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[APD] Advice on new semi-planted setup

Hi! All,

Planning to setup a 4 ft semi-planted tank. This is my plan:-

1. 4 inch substrate of "calcium free river sand" with 5 mugfulls of laterite
as the bottom most layer.
2. place a long driftwood on the middle of the tank (the driftwood would be
about 3 ft long and will be placed horizontally).
3. The driftwood will be covered with Java Ferns & Anubias Nana.
4. Other than this I would like to plant some Spiral Vallisneria, Crypt etc.
but not plant very densely.
5. The fauna in the tank will be 5 medium size Orandas.
6. Filter will be Eheim Professional 2224 (hope this filter would be
7. Lights Philips Truelite @ 2 gallons per watt. Lights I want to keep low
as most of the flora don't require high lights.
8. I do have a provision for injecting pressurised CO2 but then even if I do
it, I don't want to add any ferts. In other words I want to have as natural
a setup as possible.
9. What heater should I aim for?
10. How long the lights needs to be switched on? Do I have to follow the 12.
hrs photoperiod or I can go for less?
13. Can I manage to maintain the plants without adding any macros & by only
adding micros?
14. My experience of adding ferts hasn't been good and hence would like to
avoid getting into it again.

Suggestions from Planted Experts will be very helpful.


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