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Re: [APD] Leaves folding up early

It's standard as far as I know.  My plants are going gangbusters and they all go to bed before the lights go off.
It's almost timed perfectly that they are all getting closed just as the lights go off, my lily flower is totaly shut just before.
Doesn't mean anything is wrong with your setup.  If you want them open later in the day, just shift the times your light comes on and turns off.
What I'd like to know is how do they time it, with artificial light it's not as if it's getting darker as it gets later.

>Why would the majority of my stem plants start folding in their leaves
>well before lights out.  H. polysperma, R. rotundifolia, L. repens...
>they all seem to start "shutting down" before the end of the
>photoperiod.  Typically, after around 10 hours they start closing up.
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