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Re: [APD] Solar tanks that err...was the topic.....

> Solar and windmill and geothermal and landfill and soybean
> power , etc. are
> not economical by any measurement, and even if they were, they
> would produce
> only a small amount of the energy that we need.

And that's the point, Alan clearly is a small producer. Not a
power plant. I'm not talking of replacing the large public
powerplants. He produces more than he needs, saves money by no
longer having an electric bill + makes a decent income off of

The fact of the matter is that it's already occuring for Alan
and other folks.  

You can also say adding excess PO4 does not work all day long
for planted aquariums or is only for dreamers.... this is same
thing. I've seen it, looked at the cost for set, mainteance, and
seen the checks. He's got several big old fish tanks in his home
and a electric car.    

There is no debate here on whether it works for Alan or for my
own plans, I already know it does.
 It is nice to
> dream, but
> dreaming doesn't solve problems.

I dreamed of solving my algae issues, I think I solved my
problem very effectively and helped others do the same,
so............you place your own barriers in your own way.

On one hand you claim distain for naysayers of nukes, yet you
are naysaying yourself about solar by obfucation.  

Funny how that works.

The level of application of a national issue vs my home are not
even in the same playing field. 

I'd rather figure a way around things and be open to them and
see if they really are practical for me on an individual level. 
I know I am not going to put a nuke plant on my roof:)
But I can put a bank of solar panels of my roof...........

And that is really the point here.

The cost have come way down, the tax credits are in place,
energy price forecast are only going to go up in the coming

They said electric cars would never happen, 
dreaming.........today we see many of hybrids scrurrying around
as well as full blown electrics..... 

> The only solution to our growing energy problem is to bite the
> bullet and
> start to build the next generation of nuclear plants. 
Yep, everyone should have one in the yard. Can you do that with
Nukes? You can with solar and your roof. 
The land use is already developed.
I don't like a large ugly windmill, they kill birds and can be
noisy and require a fair amount of maintenance. Dams, well, they
have plenty of issues. 

I can sell the extra electric from solar cells and it poses no
threat or eye sore to those living near it.  

> professional
> naysayers have managed to block nuclear power for too long. 
> The time for us
> to start making up for lost time is now.
> Bill

Oh jeepers, and the nuke folks do not also have professional
loybbyist? Enron would never do such things.........

I'll never power my fish tank with my own Nuke plant, but, I
will power my home, car and fish tanks with solar power. 

Not everyone can nor will own their own business either. Same
deal here. Smaller scale stuff certain could be applied for the
planted tanks alone.

Of course you need to be able to afford the initial cost and/or
get the loan for it. You also need to own a home. 

Which is, if you look to the original post, was the issue.  
I have choice to use solar and it's a good deal for me for my

It's not for everyone, nor were cars, phones 100 years ago, but
there's always tomorrow.

Tom Barr

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