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Re: [APD] FAQ?

Scott Scheibe wrote:
>          How about a FAQ for us non-chemists.
> PO4
> EI
> NO3
> H2O2
> NH4

They're all just common cations and anions you can reference at 
Another good reference is 
http://wine1.sb.fsu.edu/chm1045/notes/Atoms/Naming/Atoms06.htm which 
will explain how ionic compounds are named. This allows for a good 
understanding of what something is just by its name. Once you know the 
nomenclature, you know that potassium perchlorate (for instance) is 
KClO4 without having to memorize it. It's always surprised me how much 
it has helped me in various situations to understand what chemical 
formula I am dealing with just by a chemical's name.

PO4 = phosphate
EI = Tom's "Estimative Index"
NO3 = nitrate
H2O2 = hydrogen peroxide
NH4 = ammonium ion

Jerry Baker
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