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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 29, Issue 52

> On 1/21/2006 Thomas Barr wrote:
> > I do not say CO2 was something algae was competing for with
> plants.
> On 1/28/06 Thomas Barr wrote:
> > If the system is CO2 limited die to plant growth, the algae
> have
> > a tough time.
> I'm confused.

Die = due.
Still confused? Probaly.

Plants and algae do not compete on the same scale=>niche etc,
BUT.......they do use similar things, N, P, K, CO2, light etc

They can "compete" in a broad sense for light.   

If you start off with a stable system with high plant density,
then the algae are not carbon limited but...... they will need
to to use another adaptation(Carbon concentrating mechanism,
CCM's) and or HCO3 as a carbon source, many plants are unable to
do this(so they use up all the CO2 asap), some are(direct and
indirect bicarb users) but it takes them much longer to gear up
after being use to using CO2 as their carbon source.  

Algae are much quicker. 

But there is a trade off for the algae under high plant biomass,
it takes MORE work, thus less growth, same deal there for the
plants, until they are adapted to the low CO2 condition and are
able to gear up the enzymes required for this carbon source
change. They also have less light in a non CO2/carbon enriched

But it's really a timing issue, if you add just little CO2 once
a week, then the algae are favored. Same with strong spike of
light. If you maintain a STABLE low CO2 or a high CO2
environment, then the plants tend to dominate. If you vary the
CO2 around, then you get a higher diversity of algae as well as
more spore germination.

Anyone can try it, add a little CO2 once a week and add some

It'll help the plants also, but it will not induce the plants
for form spores,seeds etc, nor go through any sexual stage.

Aquatic Plants are somewhat like trees in the forest, they take
a long time to establish, but dominate once they do. The annual
weeds that grow on the forest floor, are a bit more like the
algae. They will also grow where trees cannot due to a lack of
nutrients/water etc. Like algae, they are fast colonizers.

I notice you dug a week back for the statements.
Do you really hang on my every sentance?

Tom Barr


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