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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 29, Issue 52

> I how have algae in 2 of the 3 non CO2
> tanks.  They
> were crystal clear the whole tie I treated them like CO2
> tanks. I do not
> have BBA in either tank but some kind of bushy green algae
> that gets about
> an inch long.  YMMV -- this is just my limited experience.
> Liz

Let's be more specific, non carbon enriched methods.
Excel increases the growth high enough to the point that rate of
organic mineralization is not able to keep up with plant need.

So you need to add more nutrients most likely.
Then it does not matter if you do a water change or not
if.......you are enriching the plants with carbon.

So the water changes are beneficial in that case.

Folks seem to confuse Excel with non carbon enrichment.


With a true non CO2/non carbon enriched tank, no Excel tanks do
NOT COUNT, no water changes does work and has every time I've
ever done it with the non carbon enriched tanks.

There, folks happier now, rather than me saying non CO2?

You can have better success adding inorganic nutrients once a
week with non CO2 or Excel(1-2x a week here). Generally some GH
and K+, a little PO4/KNO3 once in a while, maybe 2-4 ppm of NO3
and .5ppm of PO4 per week.

If you use Excel, treat it like you would CO2, but add about 1/3
less nutrients, and only once/twice a week at most. 
Tom Barr


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