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Re: [APD] water changes and CO2/non CO2 methods

S. Hieber wrote:
> Welcome to the wonderful world of aquatic gardening., where the right way to grow plants is this, or this , or this, or this. . . . .
> One of the great things about the hobby is one can get a tank to work well so many diff ways. And not every way works for every gardener for every tank. For me that't part of the agravation but more often part of the fun. At the conventions, you get a chance to talk with folks that have been growing plants underwater for decades. I am often surprised to hear some of the methods used, but I admire the results.

Agreed. The fact that there are so many ways to successfully grow plants 
says to me that there is a lot we don't know. There is an objective 
truth out there -- a recipe guaranteed to grow plants well and algae not 
so well. The problem is we don't yet know enough to say exactly what 
that recipe is. I think mostly we just kinda stumble across it 
serendipitously on an individual basis and then try to maintain whatever 
it is that we are doing, not knowing what the real causal factors are. 
We just know that whatever we're doing works and not to change it too much.

Jerry Baker
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