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Re: [APD] water changes and CO2/non CO2 methods

I didn't mean to do this experiement, but I did.  I have non-CO2 tanks I
treated just like my CO2 tank except I dose them with Excel and add less
fertilizer.  I was doing 50% water changes every week.  Then I got lazy.
Water changes have become infrequent and smaller.  With less frequent water
changes came less frequent fertilization because I wouldn't want to run the
risk of ion buildup.  I how have algae in 2 of the 3 non CO2 tanks.  They
were crystal clear the whole tie I treated them like CO2 tanks. I do not
have BBA in either tank but some kind of bushy green algae that gets about
an inch long.  YMMV -- this is just my limited experience.

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