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Re: [APD] water changes and CO2/non CO2 methods

In both. I think a lot more folks are going to get into torubnle by avoiding water change sthan by doing them.  If one is really worried about tap water prmoting calgae because the tapwater has an abundance of CO2, one can take comfort in the realization that it would probably need to be a lot of CO2 for it to have any adverse impact and much of it can be removed merely by agitation.
IN the hobby we continually move from claim to claim; sometimes the new claim marks the previous one as a myth. Sometimes we slowly make progress on the conentional wisdom. But the claims should not be too sweeping, imo. People read this stuff and take it all as literally true and proven.

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> I have never notice an alge increase from changing water. But
> I have noticed that failure to do changes can lead to it.
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In the non CO2 tank methods or the CO2 tank methods?
Not doing the water changes really helps the non CO2 tank.
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