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Re: [APD] water changes and CO2/non CO2 methods

> From: "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Re: [APD] My 90 Gall tank

> I have never notice an alge increase from changing water. But
> I have noticed that failure to do changes can lead to it.
> sh

In the non CO2 tank methods or the CO2 tank methods?
Not doing the water changes really helps the non CO2 tank.

If it were not the water change adding CO2, then why would folks
that do the frequent water changes+ non CO2 have so many
troubles with BBA etc that also have plants?

Nutrient levels can be the same in a CO2 or a non CO2 tank,
again=> no algae.

Stopping the water changing really helps with non CO2, (very low
CO2 levels), and water changes helps by adding more CO2 to a CO2
rich environment already.

Try turning the CO2 on just once a week sometime for 4 hours.

See what happens.
Try and predict what might happen.

If you maintain a low CO2 level, this also limits algae and
forces them to use bicarbonate, BBA does not like bicarbonate
and tends to be found in high CO2(5-10ppm) rich riffles in

If the system is CO2 limited die to plant growth, the algae have
a tough time.

Water changes and allelopathy for the algae reduction do not
match/correlate well since it's not the reason for algae
reduction in the CO2 planted tanks.

This approach only explores 1/2 of the issue.

You can also add activated carbon to the filter which removes
the allelopathic chemicals, again: no algae.
Plant species composition is also inconsequential. 
The odds that all 100-300 species of plants produce the same
allelopathic chemical that has the same effct on everyone' s
tank is exceedingly small.

So why is an issue with a non CO2 planted tank?
I added these to the water column:

I added PO4, no algae
I added NO3, no algae
I added traces: no algae
I added everything plants need: no algae.

So what is left?

Simple: CO2

If you do not add it from gas tanks, carbon from Excel etc,
where else is it added? The exchange from the air and water

Which adds more and causes a variation in the CO2 levels in he
tank a significant amount? Try this without the water changes
for a few months.

How do you induce BBA again?

Put these things together.

You'll see you are left with only a few things that are
significant enough to be repeatable.
I've repeated this a dozen times. 

Not once have I had BBA in a non CO2 planted tank.

Tom Barr




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