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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 29, Issue 48

What I am trying to
> say is that
> it's quite difficult to formulate a thumb rule for all planted
> tanks as each
> tank is unique and is different from the other.

Yes, this is true for some folks, but for myself, it's far from

There are differences between some routines, but all plants grow
for the same definable reasons.

That will not change.

Many try to pull this claim that there are too many things that
are unique to generalize. 

But that is simply not true.
Plants grow for ****defined reasons****, so do ___algae___.
This holds true even with the variation.

This why bioindicators work so well and you can use plants/algae
to test many things.

I have enough experience and backround to know this.
If things were so special and unique, I would have never been
able to help so many folks in the hobby solve their algae issues
and plant growth problems.

Think about that for awhile. Also, try to repeat some of the
algae inducement test.
Or just notice it when you slack off on the CO2 someday in the

You'll figure it out fast.
We all slack off and let things go over time for time peroids. 

Also, ask around about BBA, heck, don't take my word for it, try
and see what others have done.

If they and I can do it, and solve it over the long term for the
same reasons I've suggested, so can you.

I do not have "special super powers"
I just know when folks are barking up the wrong tree.
Ask yourself why I know that vs just being less confident.

Did you think your experiences with algae are somehow special
and unique?

Not even. Lots of folks have had this issue long before you.
I've had BBA and I had it a lot longer than most folks(2-3
years) till I figured out why it grew/did not grow.

 Maybe this
> regimen of dosing
> is helpful for people who are already into this hobby for
> sometime and knows
> the intricacies of dosing etc."

The regimen is not the problem, the CO2 is, which was my
original point here.

I'm telling you precisely and specifically what the problem is.
Others will say the same thing as I and have. 

It matters not if you are new or an old timer.
That is a non issue, you are not using CO2 right, whether you
are an expert of a new person is immaterial to your point.
> "My present problem with BBA has decreased a lot but however,
> there is an
> outbreak of "Hair Algae". As of now I am maintaining CO2 at
> about 50PPM so I
> don't think lack of CO2 is a problem. 

If it's 50ppm, probably not, but be careful in assuming your
test measurements are accurate.

Moreover, isn't the
> availability of
> CO2 linked directly to the rate at which plants will
> photosynthesise?

Very much so in submersed aquatic systems.

 I can
> see the plants pearling like crazy by the time its late
> evening (lights on
> at 10 am & lights off at 10 pm). How do you explain this?".

You have enough CO2 then and no BBA right? Or the BBa is not an
issue as you said. This shows you what my point was originally.

You now have a new species of algae, hair, does it have any
visible branching?

Green algae is more like higher plants.
So you are getting closer, step by step and you have noticed a
large improvement in the growth of the plants correct?
Less BBA?

So we have a new alga now and it'll have different parameters
for growth and infesting a planted tank.

Then you have gotten about 2-3 years ahead of folks that had
this same problem 10 years ago in a couple of weeks by
addressing CO2 and now the plants are growing much fast and you
can prune them and export algae that way much better, no matter
what type it might be.
> Regards,
> Saugata

Since you now have a different type of algae, let us address
that in a seperate thread.

Actually, just search the archives here. 
I'll repost some methods to getting rid of hair algae.


> - What will happened in a established colony of BBA, if leafs
> could not be 
> pruned?. 

Do you have metal stems or something? All leaves are prunable,
the issue is your willingness, or unwillingness to do so, things
grow back fast if given good conditions.

> Would H2O2 help?. What is the recommended treatment
> and dose?.

I suppose.
Many use Excel.
I've not found these methods to be really useful, I can prune
the algae out easily. Either way, you should do both
methods(pruning good+ any other method+ add herbivores+ correct
the issues that caused the outbreak to begin with)

It's an integrated management approach.
Not a quick fix.
> - I recall years ago I kept my tank with KH 4? and PH 6.6, no
> idea of PMDD 
> nor EI. I use Tetra Flora Pride, which is mainly K, Fe and Mo.
> Monthly water 
> change, CO2 dosing. When I tried to reach 0.1 ppm of Fe (Tetra
> indicator) 
> usually I had a BBA out break, even keeping all the mentioned
> parameters 
> steady. To avoid BBA I had to reduce dosing. What could
> happened here?.

Simple, the tank was Fe limited.
Adding it relieved the limitation and increased CO2 uptake.
The same can be said for adding KNO4, KH2PO4 etc and getting an
outbreak of BBA.

The BBA was there to start with. But the effect was not direct,
it was indirect. Much like a cascade that causes a chain
reaction of events. 

Very common that folks correlate the wrong
nutrient/environmental change to the result=> BBA or whatever

Don't blame on thing, think about what effect and impact that
change has on the system.

You'll fingure out the problems and understand the dynamics
> Sincerely,

Tom Barr


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