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Re: [APD] My 90 Gallon Tank

Nitrate is nitrate, so if you get it from one source you don't need it 
from another.  The advantages of the Greg Watson chemicals are that 
they are really cheap, and are dry salts, which can be dosed by 
sprinkling a bit in the tank - Greg's little dosing spoons, which I 
use, work great for that, plus, you can get all of the needed nutrients 
and just dose the amounts that you need, without depending on a vendor 
who still thinks plants can grow without phosphates.  But, that is just 
how I see it.

Tom is very good at saying what caused an algae problem.  I can't even 
get my own tank to stop growing algae yet, even though I do think I 
understand some of the things I do wrongly.  My guess is that your tap 
water did contain a lot of dissolved CO2, and your water change did 
trigger an outbreak.  I think our tanks are loaded with algae spores 
just waiting, probably giggling, for us to slip up just a little bit - 
then BOOM!  That's the scientific explanation.


On Saturday, January 28, 2006, at 12:19 PM, Beth Lang wrote:

> Vaughn, thanks for you response.  So, maybe I'll increase the 
> Pro-Plant to
> see what happens with the nitrates.
> OK, between you and Tom I am starting to feel a little better about 
> trying
> to do it without CO2.  Some more questions:
> 1.	Is Potassium Nitrate (KN02) an additional source that I need?  I am
> not chemistry literate so forgive my lack of knowledge.  Will this 
> increase
> my nitrates or is this totally different?  Can I purchase this already
> premixed from another source?
> 2.   Ok, if my water change was small enough to not affect the CO2, 
> how do I
> figure out what happened?  I added my fertilizers immediately after.
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