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Re: [APD] My 90 Gallon Tank

Contrary to what the Kent package directions say, you do need 
phosphates for plant growth and phosphates do not cause algae.  If you 
are testing for nitrates, and basing your belief that you have enough 
on the tests, you may be in error.  The test kits we normally use just 
are not known for accuracy.  5 ppm may be a bit low for nitrates, but 
this isn't a precise science, so it also may be adequate.

KNO3 is potassium nitrate, a good source of both nitrate and potassium. 
  You can order it from Greg Watson 
(http://www.gregwatson.com/categories.asp) at a very reasonable price.  
He also sells KH2PO4, mono potassium phosphate, which is a good source 
of both phosphates and potassium - but if your water is high in 
phosphates you won't want to use that.  And, he sells a micronutrient 
dry mix-CSM+B+Fe-which provides much of the remaining needed 
fertilizers.  His prices are such that a lifetime supply is very cheap.

Assuming that your water is high in phosphates, and that the two Kent 
products do provide the rest of the nutrients the plants need, you 
could be ok just following the recommended doses.

If you  run tap water directly into the tank it comes in with dissolved 
CO2, possibly at a high level.  But, if you fill a barrel with the tap 
water and let it sit for a day it should lose most of the CO2, thus 
avoiding spiking the CO2 level in the tank.

In my opinion, a 15-20% water change isn't going to introduce a big 
change in   CO2 in any case - it is the 50% change that does that.  
When I had a 125 gallon tank with DIY CO2, poorly done, I did 15% water 
changes.  I did get occasional algae blooms, sometimes after water 
changes, but I also had bits of plant spikes in the substrate along 
with garden soil, so my algae could have been triggered by many things 
other than water changes.  Back then I did everything wrong - now I 
only do some things wrong - so, I'm learning.

Ok, so have I managed to contradict everything I have posted yet?

Vaughn H.

On Saturday, January 28, 2006, at 10:54 AM, Beth Lang wrote:

> Vaughn, a couple of questions for you?
> 1.	I am dosing with Kent Freshwater Plant and Pro-Plant.  The Pro-Plant
> is for nitrogen, magnesium and micronutrients.  I am putting in the 
> minimum
> dose once a week.  I can increase the amount and/or the frequency per 
> week.
> On the product is says that it "contains no phosphates to cause 
> unwanted
> algae growth".  This seems to contradict what Tom is saying about 
> Phosphates
> and algae.  In any event, because my nitrates are only 5, maybe I 
> should
> increase the dose.  However, it is my understanding that 5 is a good 
> level.
> Am I incorrect?
> 2.	The Freshwater Plant is the same dosing recommendations.  This again
> says the same thing about phosphate.  I am using this product for iron.
> Should I increase my dosage?
> 3.	What is the purpose of letting the water condition in a container?
> I use a python and add water conditioner at the same time.  As I 
> mentioned
> to Tom, I am only changing about 15-20 percent of the water.  I had 
> plans to
> do it every two weeks.
> 4.	Also, Tom mentioned KN03.  What product will give me that?
> Thanks for your help.
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