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[APD] My 90 Gallon Tank

Vaughn, a couple of questions for you?


1.	I am dosing with Kent Freshwater Plant and Pro-Plant.  The Pro-Plant
is for nitrogen, magnesium and micronutrients.  I am putting in the minimum
dose once a week.  I can increase the amount and/or the frequency per week.
On the product is says that it "contains no phosphates to cause unwanted
algae growth".  This seems to contradict what Tom is saying about Phosphates
and algae.  In any event, because my nitrates are only 5, maybe I should
increase the dose.  However, it is my understanding that 5 is a good level.
Am I incorrect?


2.	The Freshwater Plant is the same dosing recommendations.  This again
says the same thing about phosphate.  I am using this product for iron.
Should I increase my dosage?


3.	What is the purpose of letting the water condition in a container?
I use a python and add water conditioner at the same time.  As I mentioned
to Tom, I am only changing about 15-20 percent of the water.  I had plans to
do it every two weeks.


4.	Also, Tom mentioned KN03.  What product will give me that?



Thanks for your help.

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