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Re: [APD] 90 gal tank PO4 etc

Tom, thanks for the information.  Now some questions:


1.	Within 12 hours after adding the phosphate remover, my long thread
and hair algae stopped appearing.  I removed a badly infected plant, pulled
the remaining algae off of the other plants and no more appeared.  Was it a


2.	If you don't do water changes, doesn't it create "old tank
syndrome?"  How will it effect adding new fish?  I plan to have a fully
stocked tank.


3.	Can you have a non-Co2 tank with a partially planted tank?


4.	My water changes are only 15-20 percent.  But I am assuming I am
still removing enough Co2 to initiate an algae bloom.


5.	OK, suppose I decide to start adding Co2.  I have a wet/dry filter
and overflow.  I've looked all over the internet and can not find
instructions on how to set up a system with my type of setup.  I would like
to keep everything below and have nothing hanging.  Can you steer me in the
right direction?



Thanks again for all your help.  

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