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Re: [APD] 90 Gallon Tank

I did test for phosphates and the results were .75.  I am using a phosphate
remover since our water has a lot of phosphates in it.  Everything was going
pretty well with just a little algae on my plants, decorations and glass
until I did a water change and bam!  Lots of algae.  I retested my nitrates
and it was still at 5.  Now I know everyone is telling me that I have to add
CO2 but the whole process scares me.  I've been looking at articles on low
tech tanks but it appears my 2.4wgp is too high.  Are there any other
options?  My LFS said to add java moss and add more algae eaters.  I really
don't want to keep on adding algae eaters as I won't have room to keep the
fish I want to add to the tank.


Any suggestions? 

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