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Re: [APD] Vitamin B12 and algae

Gee, **which algae** require Vitaimin B12 to grow and bloom in
our tanks? I predict a Vitaimin B12 remover will be sold next:)

Did they run out of things to balme algae blooms on or what?
I've seen some real bad guesses, this one is up there.

Which algae are they talking about is a specific question.

There are some algae that have specific requirements for things
like Vitaimins, some amino acids, but NOT saying which algae
these are, and I can tell you they are not the algae that plague
plant folks, is a total bunch of crap.

Saying that a marine phytoplankton from the North Pacific Gyre
is iron limited and applying that to our freshwater tanks is
also a long stretch to suggest Fe limitation is what causes
algae not to grow also.

Make sure the support you give actually support the contention.

Several companies sell vitamins for fish, Boyd's, the makers of
Chemi pure and Vita Chem among others.

Fish food etc also typically contains Vitamin B12. 

I've added both fish food and Vita Chem in the past.
No differences in algae. 

> Just got the latest issue of the UK Practical Fishkeeping
> magazine today. If 
> people remember it is having a series of articles on algae
> control.
> It is saying that maybe Vitamin B12 causes Algae.
> It's got me all confused!

No, you did that to yourself:)
That is a huge "Maybe".
Maybe you'll send me 1000$ also.

Tom Barr


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