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Re: [APD] Reef lighting

I'd say the PC's are close to the same as a T5, the spread is
better from the T5's I think.

If you want to keep soft corals and other easier items, these
will work well.

I'm not sure where you buy your PC/T5 bulbs but hellow lights
has nice ones for sale and often they run sales, such as 2 for 1
fopr the square pin 8800K 55w lamps for 21.95$.
That's 11$ ea.

Another place on ebay had 96w lights for 10-12$ each also.

Also the little nano reefs use PC lights.

As you get the the 30-50 gal range a MH is a nice option to use.
DIY can reduce the cost.

I like and use MH's for planted tanks and reef and marine
planted tanks once I get to this size, I'll use 250 HQI's
instead of 150w though for stony corals. 400w are even better.

They are also more efficient per watt/PAR.
They look cool also.

I'd run from VHO.

Livestock will determine more or less what you need.
I'd go with T5/PC and/or MH's.

Same with planted tanks.

Tom Barr


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