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Re: [APD] Lighting question

What kind of lighting you use in a reef really depends on what you want to
keep.  If you have any desire to ever keep SPS, you should seriously
consider MH.

You said that you weren't interested in MH, why not?

If your reasoning is cost, you might look at the big picture... by the time
you get enough fluorescent lighting over your tank to come close to that of
metal halide, you are going to have many many bulbs.  Those bulbs are
expensive and diminish relatively quickly.  I run 2x 400w MH over my reef
and for me to get that much light with any kind of fluorescent would have
cost me a fortune!  So before you dismiss MH because of cost, keep in mind
bulb replacement costs.

Other than PCs not providing as intense lighting, most people dislike them
because you don't get as nice coloration out of them.  There is also a much
larger change in their appearance and output over their lifetime. I use PCs
over my planted tank and honestly don't like them. The bulbs are expensive
and the light output diminishes quickly. I plan on replacing them with VHO
in the near future. I may need a bit more wattage to equal that of PC, but
the bulbs are much cheaper.

As far as VHO vs. T5... I have never used T5s but get the idea people either
love them or hate them.  I honestly don't know much about them.

Bottom line... reef tanks need a LOT more light than a planted tank.
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