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[APD] Lighting question

First I would like to thank everyone on this list for all of the help and  
information I have received over the past few years.
I now have successful planted tanks that have great growth and little algae  
problems as long as I keep up with the maintenance side of things.
While planted tanks are my favorite I started a small reef tank and I'm  
trying to get a straight answer on lighting. This is next to impossible on  the 
reef forums, they all have there different camps, (MH's / T5's / VHO and a  few 
On the freshwater side a lot of information that was thought to be fact  
turned out not to be and I'm sure it's that way with reef tanks also but I would  
guess that there is a lot more myths with reef tanks than with planted  tanks.
I was hoping that maybe I could get some opinions over here since this list  
has always seemed to have the must knowledge of any of the forums I 
participate  in. The others forums are good and I am glad they are available but 
sometimes it  good to look at things from another point of view.
My question on lighting is with PC's and T5's, I'm not really interested in  
I was wanting to know if there is a way to compare the two, can they be  
compared by watts per gallon? For example on the reef sites they told me that  
104w of T5 lighting is more light than 192w of PC lighting, does this sound  
In general there aren't to many people that like PC lighting but I  really 
can't get a good answer as to why. One other thing they always say is  that you 
have to change the PC bulbs after 9 months because of a light spectrum  
changes and it will cause algae if you keep the same bulb in. That  doesn't make 
sense to me since I have ran PC's on my planted tanks way  longer than that 
without any problems.
I know this is a freshwater forum but I value the opinions here and was  
hoping to get some input on this topic.
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