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Re: [APD] Aromat Ballasts

Electronic high frequency ballasts are coming out now for up to 1500W MH
they claim up to 30% greater efficiency than a coil and core.  they dont
save on electricity bill as they still draw the same current but they do
produce more light per watt, they do this by slightly overdriving the bulb
but with a steady frequency voltage and current combined with a more
efficient starter they can overdrive the bulb without lowering its life.
i have yet to try these out as we cant use these ballasts yet on fish farms
as they dont have isolated secondary windings.  they dont need this but the
rules insist the ballast must be labeled isolated secondary winding in order
to be on a fish farm.
(code can be horrible for these problems)

we are planning on bringing in a 400w e ballast that i get to test and then
purchase at a used price, for my orchid table i would love to have a quiet

ps. if anyone is in fish farming and wants some info on our products,
automated feeding systems, underwater lighting, cameras, contact me off list
and i can provide you with a product spec sheet.
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