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[APD] Excel

>Excel does not give the same results as CO2 in my experience, but plants
>definitely grow better with it.  I grow less algae in non-CO2 Excel dosed
>tanks than in non-CO2 non-Excel dosed tanks.

         I have one 44 gal corner tank I use Excel on and while away on 
vacation I noticed the large Amazon Sword (at least 1/3 the tank..) didn't 
do so well after not being dosed for a week.  The rest of the plants didn't 
really make a difference that I could tell for sure.  Maybe there was more 
Hornwort debris in the tank.  Is it normal for Hornwort to loose leaves and 
small sections?
         After seeing the results of leaving a week I've decided to try a 
D.I.Y. CO2 system, I have a nice heavy 1 gallon juice bottle and bought a 
bubble counter/diffuser today, just need to go to the store and get some 
sugar and yeast.
         It is the only tank I dose regularly, Excel every day, Flourish 
2-3 times a week, Iron, Trace and Potassium (sword likes that too).  The 
rest of the tanks (2 tens and a 2 1/2) I only use Flourish on a couple 
times a week.
         The 44 is my biggest tank and has most of my plants; I have 
Narrow-Leaf Dwarf Subulata along the front of the glass which is taking 
over most of the bottom where it gets light, a very large Amazon Sword, a 
Needle Leaf Ludwigia  and a mystery plant in 3 small planting rocks, some 
floating Anacharis  and Hornwort.   This along with a good size piece of 
drift wood covered with Java moss take up most of the bottom of the 
tank.  I think the best thing I have ever done for the plants was get rid 
of the gravel and replaced it with play sand.  The Subulata did nothing 
until I did and now sends runners all over the place.  The sword doubled in 
size, though the potassium helped.  Still struggling with the Lud, I am 
sure it need more light, it has been doing better since I moved it away 
from the sword and towards the side of the tank next to the patio 
door.  The other tanks have some Anachris, Hornwort and Java moss in them.
         I've been thinking of getting rid of the Anachris and Hornwort, 
they are cause of most of my plant work to keep them from shading the other 
plants.  I'm low on light as it is.

    D. Scott Scheibe
<mailto:dsscheibe at earthlink_net>

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