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Re: [APD] About EI Dosing (Liz Wilhite)

After a blossom leaves, a plantlet will develop there. Several small plantlets will appear at each nodes where flowers appear, one for each blossom. You can allow these plantlets to grow until they are an inch or 3 in size (the roots will be one to three inches long too) and then separate them individually from the node and plant them. Some folks cut them from the node but I just sort of peel them away holding the flower stalk with one hand and grasping a plantlet with the thumb and forefinger of the other. While on the stalk, those near the surface will havethe advantage of lots of light and CO2 at the surface.
As you probably know, they like lots of food and light. When small, they can easily be shaded by other plants. Howefver, shading tends to make them wimp out. 
Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.
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Hi! Liz,

The growth of plants are as it is but I guess with no dosing the diatoms
have decreased a bit and yes I forgot to mention that with KNO3 dosing I
could reduce the occurrence of BBA to a large extent.However, the
Echinodorous Osiris is flowering quite regularly. BTW, how does one
propagate Echinodorous Osiris?

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