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Re: [APD] About EI Dosing

On 1/22/06, Saugata Banerjee <saugatab at gmail_com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Sometime back I had started EI dosing in my 20 G planted tank. My tank
> specifications are as follows:-
> 6. Ferts (Macro) - Dosing 5 mls of KNO3 (stock sol. of 250 mls with 6
> teaspoons of KNO3) & 1 mls of KH2PO4 (stock sol. of 250 mls with 3
> teaspoons
> of KH2PO4) on every alternate days.

These are about 1/2 of what I use in my CO2 injected 55G.

7. Ferts (Micro) - Trace Elements (with Iron) - 1/2 ml once every two days

I dose this only once a week.

> Subsequently, I got hold of Nitrate & Phosphate Test Kits manufactured by
> Aquarium Pharmaceuticals and was amazed to find the Nitrate & Phosphate
> levels. Nitrate was 120 PPM & Phosphate was 20 PPM.

Wowzer!  I test *very* infrequently and run a standard when I do -- same
brand of tests.  My NO3 runs 10 - 20 ppm;  PO4 runs about 1 ppm.  I have
found that the AP test solutions for NO3 tend to decompose rather quickly
and become useless.  But, my experience is they will show almost no nitrate
when they go bad.

Nitrate is between 5 to 10 PPM although
> Phosphate is still high at about 1 to 2 PPM.

My experience is that the level of phosphate you have is not a problem.

Has your plant growth returned?

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