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Re: [APD] extra plants - ALGAE ALGAE ALGAE

These are hypotheses, not experimental results.  CO2 is a nutrient, why is compeititoin an issue for that but ot other nutirients? What roles to do all the various other chemicals play? What are the controls.
I'm not criticizing what Tom is doing, but I don't want to see leaps to cold fusion based on trial and error without controls. Lots of info is gained this way in the hobby and lots of myths, which are slowly sorted out over time.
If you try something and it works, that's great, but the result, on it's own, doesn't *prove* the hypothesis. In fact, the most common mistake we all make when looking at the results of  something is to commit the fallacy of assuming the consequent.

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If I understand Tom Barr's current experimentation, algae and plants do 
not compete for nutrients.  In a well fertilized aquarium there is 
enough for both to do well.  But, if there is inadequate CO2, or a 
fluctuating amount of CO2 present, or if there is ammonia present,  
algae is more likely to start growing from the abundant spores always 
present.  So, based on that, plus my own experience, a 29 gallon 
aquarium without CO2 will very soon grow a healthy crop of various 
algae.  Even a 29 gallon aquarium with CO2, but an inadequate or 
fluctuating amount of CO2, will also soon become an algae garden.  The 
only exception to this seems to be if you use Excel as a replacement 
for the missing CO2.  So, my suggestion is that you take advantage of 
Big Al's special on Excel before trying to fight off algae with masses 
of plants.
I do have h. difformis, h. zoosterfolia, and stargrass in abundance in 
my aquarium, and will be heavily trimming it probably tomorrow in 
preparation for a couple of weeks of inability to do further trimming.  
If that would be helpful, I could hold off on the trimming until Sunday 
  afternoon and send the cuttings for shipping cost only.  (My cuttings 
would not be algae free though!)

Vaughn H.

On Friday, January 20, 2006, at 07:01 PM, S K wrote:

> In any case, my best guess is to stock with stemmed, healthy plants, 
> that
> will outcompete the algae. I'm trying to keep things simple.

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