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[APD] extra plants - ALGAE ALGAE ALGAE

Hi there,

I've recently downgraded a 55 gallon to a 29 gallon tank. The 55 was 
constantly over-run with algae, since I brought in some local plants from a 
lake. Finally, gave up, the weekly tear down and clean up was too much. 
Couldn't bring myself to part with my fish, so I went down to a 29 gallon. I 
have 80 watts (AH Supply) over 55 gallons. I tried moving my plants (cleaned 
up) in there, bleached the driftwood, and set up -- totally clean. Looked 
beautiful. A few days away, returned to a green mass of bright green. I went 
to a LFS and bought up pots of plants--mostly stemmed, some rooted. Same 
thing happened. At this point, I'm losing my plants, and down to a few 
sprigs only. I'm at the point of 1) giving up and adopting out the fish 2) 
going to the LFS and investing in a massiver amount of plant matter (they 
look better than the stuff you might wind up with online, which will only 
contribute to mush--aka plant food) or 3) redoing the hood (wooden canopy 
hand-made and wired with AH Lighting) to make it low-light, sparse plants.

I thought I'd check here first. I know when I was heavily into plants (esp. 
w/ co2) I had to throw out pounds of good re-plants on cleaning day. I 
thought, rather than go to the LFS, perhaps if it's cleaning day, someone 
might have a large amount of plants (obviously I'd pay) ... but I don't want 
to take my chance with internet ordering. AZ gardens is great with quantity 
and price, but it could be mush. At this point i need quantity, or I'll wind 
up with green again (not green water, btw). Plus, I did major clean up 
yesterday. Very clean tank, but nothing to put in there, so the algae will 
return in short order.

By my experience, this particular tank can do okay without CO2, provided 
there is high enough plant material.

Please respond to my personal e-mail. TIA!


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