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Re: [APD] synchronized fishy swimming

Video (post-production) fakery. Sounds like a lot of time and work. This isn't just one fish image multiplied four times. I'm still betting on the simpler easier method: shallow water to keep fish at the opaque bottom surface, magnets, voila' . The magnets also explain the synchronized stutters in the forward motion of the fish. 
One way to incorporate magnetism is to feed ferrite material or stuff magnets into the fish. Even easier: cyanoacrylate -- you could remove a fish from water, affix a small magnet, and the crazy glue would set long before a fish aphyxiated. If you had the shallow tank, the whole thing would take about ten minutes to phsycially set up. The choreography would take a little while longer -- you'd probably want to keep it down to just two or three stunts and do some cuts from close up to long range so you could splice together different takes instead of having to film it all in one take. I suggest it's fifteen minutes of effort for a 56 second hoax -- assuming the sound track is prerecorded music and not an original score produced jsut for the video  ;-)  .
Some forms of cyanoacrylate are used in place of thread to suture tissue, even in humans, even by medical professionals. 
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I believe Liz Wilhite wrote this email section below:
> I got a request off list for this but the email keeps bouncing.  Carol, I
> hope you get this one.
> http://www.yikers.com/video_very_weird_fish_behavior.html


It's a video fake of course.

They've used a white background as this makes it easy to simply paste the
fish onto the video to seem to perform in sync with the people.

They can now simulate animals and dinosaurs, so a goldfish is no problem!
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