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Re: [APD] Tank Size Question

Sidetrack here, but, instead of standing on a bucket, folks, please invest in a good step stool or small step ladder designed for climbing.   Glass, water, electricity -- not a good combo for a fall.
Have plants, have fun.
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From: Alwyn Van Niekerk <alwynvn at gmail_com>
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Sent: Friday, January 20, 2006 12:46:47 AM
Subject: Re: [APD] Tank Size Question

Hi Larry,

I have a 6ft tank, that's 75cm high, and although it's quite a bit higher
than the 60cm of the 90gal, I think some of my experiences can influence
your decision...

Being 1.98m tall i have pretty long arms, but i have to stand on a bucket or
step ladder to reach into all the corners of my tank, after i've removed the
canopy and all the equipment.I can only really work in the tank (pruning
etc) when I do water changes, otherwise my face gets wet. Aquascaping for
that upper 20cm is rather difficult, because there are only certain plants
that grow to that height, and lighting obviously becomes an issue with the
added height, although it sounds as if you would have enough.

The extra height is a bonus if you want to keep fish that swim all over,
e.g.Oscars, but for plants it really becomes a challenge...

I have often contemplated getting a standard height tank and turning that
into a sepcifically planted tank because it's just that much easier to
manage on that scale. I have no doubt though that when my tank is close to
the picture I have in my head that it will look awesome, but I am still a
while away from that...

Hope that helps somewhat

- Alwyn

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> Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 21:33:24 -0600
> From: "Lawrence Hugh Forbes" <lhforbes at ameritech_net>
> Subject: [APD] Tank Size Question
> To: <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
> I have the opportunity to purchase either a 75 gallon or 90 gallon
> aquarium
> for the same price. While normally this would be a "no brainer",
> especially
> because it will house discus, I can't help but wonder if the 75 is the
> better choice for me, since I will be using a 260 watt CF and do not wish
> to
> go Metal Halide. (For you non-Americans both the 75 gallon and 90 gallon
> are
> standard sizes which share the same footprint ca. 120cm x 46cm, with their
> heights being 75=50cm, 90=60cm). I'm worried that the added height of the
> 90
> gallon will cause plants such as Sagittaria subulata and Ludwigia repens
> not
> to grow properly. Either tank will use pressurized CO2 and EI with Soil
> Master Select (charcoal) as the substrate (I already have two extra bags
> of
> the SM). I also have another question, has anyone here used LRDs as "moon
> lights" and have you encountered any problems with them?
> Any and all replies will be appreciated. TIA
> Larry
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