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Re: [APD] 75 vs 90

Both Scott and Vaughn make good points in favor of the 75 over the 90. 
if you want to go with the taller tank, and the height problem for pruning  
is an issue, this has worked for me.  I have a 75 and i also have a 135  which 
would, i think, be the same height as the 90 you describe. I am 5' 8" and  
when i set up the 135 i set it away from the wall about 20" which allowed  me to 
put a raised walkway( three 14" plastic stools with a couple of 2" x 6"s  laid 
side by side) and when doing serious gardening i can stand BEHIND the tank  
on the raised walkway and reach all but the very front of the tank. 
IMHO if the tank was going to be a discus tank the more water the better. I  
had a 90 show tank 15 years ago and i think it had the same foot as a 55  but 
very tall. it this 90 has the same foot as a 75 i dont think additional 4  
inches makes that much of difference. But i do like the 20% increase in water  
rich green 
milton ma
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