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[APD] Tank Size Question

I have the opportunity to purchase either a 75 gallon or 90 gallon aquarium
for the same price. While normally this would be a "no brainer", especially
because it will house discus, I can't help but wonder if the 75 is the
better choice for me, since I will be using a 260 watt CF and do not wish to
go Metal Halide. (For you non-Americans both the 75 gallon and 90 gallon are
standard sizes which share the same footprint ca. 120cm x 46cm, with their
heights being 75=50cm, 90=60cm). I'm worried that the added height of the 90
gallon will cause plants such as Sagittaria subulata and Ludwigia repens not
to grow properly. Either tank will use pressurized CO2 and EI with Soil
Master Select (charcoal) as the substrate (I already have two extra bags of
the SM). I also have another question, has anyone here used LRDs as "moon
lights" and have you encountered any problems with them?
Any and all replies will be appreciated. TIA


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