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Re: [APD] PLL Lights

Hi! Scot,

I do have a pressurised CO2 system & I also does macros & micros. Do you
think even under these circumstances, I might have algae problem due to
excess light. In fact I was thinking of adding one more 36 watts PLL light
so that the watts/gallon figure will reach 5+. I guess even EI advices that
kind of high light.



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> No, but using that much light can.
> As a rule, color temp isn't going to play an improtant part in how the
> tank
> behaves. Color temp is only a way of estimating what the color ofhte light
> will look like to humans, it's at best an ersatz for spectral output,
> which
> is the thing that really matters. So you might ry one or another bulb and
> find that one works better for you, but you won't be able to draw any
> strong
> rules about color temp. You don't even have to use triphosphor or full
> spectrum bulbs. Cheap shop lights seem to work jsut fine provided you have
> enough light. In the range of lighting you're taking about, a pair fo 36s
> over a 20g, you should have plenty of light regardless of the brand of
> bulb
> or color temp. You might even find that you have too much light.
> Don't let maintenance lag on this tank or it can really get a way from
> you.
> If you're not using CO2; adding it probably would be a good idea.
> Good luck, good fun,
> Scott H.
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> Hi! All,
> I am using two Philips PLL lights (@ 36 watts each) for my 20 G planted
> tank. One of the light is "Cool Day Light" & the other one is a "Warm
> White". Does using a "Warm White" light leads to increased algae growth?
> If
> yes, will it be better if I use a "Cool White" instead of the "Warm
> White"?
> Regards,
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