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Re: [APD] PLL Lights

No, but using that much light can.
 As a rule, color temp isn't going to play an improtant part in how the tank behaves. Color temp is only a way of estimating what the color ofhte light will look like to humans, it's at best an ersatz for spectral output, which is the thing that really matters. So you might ry one or another bulb and find that one works better for you, but you won't be able to draw any strong rules about color temp. You don't even have to use triphosphor or full spectrum bulbs. Cheap shop lights seem to work jsut fine provided you have enough light. In the range of lighting you're taking about, a pair fo 36s over a 20g, you should have plenty of light regardless of the brand of bulb or color temp. You might even find that you have too much light.
Don't let maintenance lag on this tank or it can really get a way from you. If you're not using CO2; adding it probably would be a good idea.
Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.

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Hi! All,

I am using two Philips PLL lights (@ 36 watts each) for my 20 G planted
tank. One of the light is "Cool Day Light" & the other one is a "Warm
White". Does using a "Warm White" light leads to increased algae growth? If
yes, will it be better if I use a "Cool White" instead of the "Warm White"?

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