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[APD] Bio Film

Dear all...this is my first posting of the year and I would like to wish
everyone a belated Happy New Year, I hope it treats you and all your plants
well :)

I am finally on top of my routine when it comes to ferts and diy co2, in
fact my tank is looking great IMO. I decided to be daring and added an extra
bottle of diy co2 just to see what the extra co2 would do to the plants. I
added the bottle yesterday morning along with an extra dose of Macros and
when I got home from work later that evening I could see that the tank had a
good day as the plants were pearling gangbusters. Obviously they like the
extra co2, and with no adverse effects from the fish I feel I'll just keep
it there. One thing that I noticed was a HUGE increase in the bio-film that
covers the surface of the water. It has increased drastically, it almost
looks 'thick'. Can someone tell me exactly where this film is coming from
and is it just protein or what? Will this have negative consequences on the
system or should I just leave it alone and not worry about it?
Thanks for any insights offered. Tallyho.

Kindest Regards
Cameron James

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