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Re: [APD] filters

Your point wasn't missed on most folks, Nick. The salesman might have not realized how widely known the diseases is within the hobby and so assumed you simply didn't know about the disease and how some folks refer to it, with the bastardized shorthand for "Ichthyophthirius multifiliis." Or he might have missed the joke. To me, it was like a car salesman coming to a party and trying to sell cars. Just plain rude and obnoxious -- the diff between people sharing info and someone just there to try to make a buck off of ya. An honest living is fine but don't come to the party and try to work the crowd.

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> > What is this "ick" you speak of?
> Ick = Ich = White Spot
Kind of missed the joke in this one didn't we?

The point of course that ick is not ich.  
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