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Re: [APD] filters

> I believe Wise, Nicholas wrote this email section below:
> >  
> >> We at Sea Save have found a cure for "ick" by using this 5 micron 
> >> filter.  As use may know the smallist baby "Ick" is born 
> at 30 micron 
> >> so as it falls off it is filtered away.
> >> You may see a pic. at our web-site
> >> www.seasave.com<http://www.seasave.com/>.  Thanks
> > 
> > What is this "ick" you speak of?
> Ick = Ich = White Spot
Kind of missed the joke in this one didn't we?

The point of course that ick is not ich.  People can't seem to get this
right and since the poster was presumably a commercial vendor and trying
to sell his product you would think he would bother to get it right.


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