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[APD] Unknown Growth in planted tank

I have a small 5 ½ gallon tank I keep at 78 degrees temperature.  I do not
run a water filter, nor an air filter on the tank.

I have been running a homemade Pepsi bottle CO2 (DIY) pump for about 6
months, changing the solution every 6 weeks.  

My CO2 level is very high all of the time, which is what I want for maximum
growth.  Plant growth has been phenomenal.  


I have one Siamese fighting fish who has lived in the tank since it was set
up.  Algae growth has been slow.  I also have 

small snails I inherited from my last purchase of hornwort who have been
keeping the algae under control.


2 months ago, I tried introducing 10 small fish to the tank.  I soon found
that the baby Pink Convicts were at the surface 

of the water all of the time, indicating there were low oxygen levels.  I
promptly removed the fish.


About a week after I removed the 10 baby fish, I noticed a clear colored
slime across all the plants, about 1 inch from the 

bottom of the tank, draped down to the gravel.  Over the past 2 months I
have noticed the slime seemed to grow spots of

white, not in a colony, but sort of evenly spaced.  Plants tried growing
though it, but were wrapped up in the mess and 

stopped growing.  Any plants that extended higher than the slime mess
continued growing and have disconnected from

it?s dead portion.  Now the entire slime growth with spotted white objects
is even across the bottom of the tank.  It looks like

algae across the entire bottom now.


The growth has had no affect on the Siamese fighting fish.  Snails seem
unaffected.  Does anyone know what this growth is?







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