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Re: [APD] (no subject)

I've been trying to find female Apisto. borelli in the WI area since
October.  Stores usually only get males, and not usually by choice.
Surprisingly not even Aquatics Unlimited has females.  Pairs of agasizzi,
viejita, and njisseni, but no borelli.

Nick Ternes
Port Washington, WI

On 1/13/06, Berne Kairunas <berne at choiceaquariums_com> wrote:
> Jerry Baker wrote...
> ...<snip>
> I'm going to vent some frustration here...
> <RANT>
> Man, you'd think living in the second largest metropolitan area in the
> United States would allow you access to supplies more easily than most.
> You'd be wrong if you thought that. I have already written here about
> the total lack of availability of substrate material here, and written
> about the fact that it has taken me a grand total of 4 months to get a
> satisfactory aquarium stand for a standard 125-gallon tank. Well,
> having
> just purchased a conductivity meter, I figured I would get some
> calibration solution. Have you ever tried to buy calibration solution
> for a conductivity meter? First, not one fish store within a twenty
> mile
> radius sells it. There were about a half dozen who obviously struggle
> with English and told me they carried it only to have it turn out that
> it was pH calibration solution when I got there. I have spent the last
> two hours contacting every single yellow page listing for chemical and
> laboratory supply companies in the Los Angeles basin. I found exactly
> *one* that sells a conductivity reference solution -- it's 45 miles
> away
> and only open during my work hours. Most won't sell to the public
> because "government regulation," as they put it. I can purchase
> potassium chlorate (a component of plastic explosives) online, but they
> claim they can't sell me salt water. I'm going to have to buy it from
> the manufacturer and pay $2.50 for a small bottle and $7 to ship it.
> </RANT>
> ....</snip>...
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