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Re: [APD] Soil master

>Is it sufficient to simply dose the water column or is there some sort 
>of substrate suplementation required if one uses Soilmaster?
  Everyone doses the water column, every method does this to some degree.
  Whether or not you use KNO3 etc is another matter, most do and if you don't, you can certainly help the plants in most any tank in doing so.
  This SM is not designed to cure all the issues, no substrate is over time.
  Soil, powersand, jobes etc all add nutrients but for finite time frames, most dose the water column in the end.
  Water column dosing is straight forward and consistent as you are(which is typically the problem, not the method/nutrients)
  It's(SM) somewhat like Flourite/EC in plant usage.
  If anyone is coming to Mike's quitting Open house thuis Sat, they can see a bunch of SM I got from Lesco. 100lbs is already spoken for. I have another 200lbs for local club members.
  I asked Lesco to get some when they do their normal shipment order rather than pushing for the special order baloney. Most managers/companies are more likely to do what you want if you have a little patience and tact.
  Seems to have worked.
  In any event, we have something for everyone these days all with nice aesthetics:
  Cheapest: 2-3mm sand
  Cheap: SM
  Pricy: Flourite/onyx sand/ADA soils
  Water column ferts from www.gregwatson.com are impossible to beat the serive and pricing. There are 300 species of weeds available. CO2 tanks/reg's/valves/diffusion methods/RO units/pH monitors/lighting etc are cheaper than ever.
  Life is good these days. 
  Tom Barr

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