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Re: [APD] what's in you canister - snails.

I believe rspahn at sackets-harbor-high_moric.org wrote this email section below:
> Hi, I have the old Fluval 403's and in all of them I have the regular 
> Fluval media and in each a healthy, happy, well fed colony of snails.  
> They cut down drasticly on the maintanence of the filters. Ray

I've got a eheim 2026 (and it just uses what came with the filter, lots of 
little balls and lots of little short pipes).

It's got tiny baby Ramshorns in the base of it too.

I find they crawl out of the filter, down my outlet/inlet and are plaguing 
my tank.

Interesting you say they're helping to keep my filter clean though.
I can understand that.
They keep the muck level down?

Stuart Halliday
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