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Re: [APD] Reverse osmosis and Sankey water butts

S. Halliday wrote:
"I believe Barry Anderberg wrote this email section below:"

> I  just want to know what a "sankey water butt" is.

and also,

"If you were being serious I'd  suggest:
Or  is Google an unknown territory for you? ;-)"
When I read this, I figured it had to be something rude.  Then I saw  the 
part about "being English" 
I went on the site and after looking at it, it seems like not  much more than 
a plastic water barrel with a tap near the bottom, basically  an above ground 
cistern.  I didn't check the cost, but I would bet it's  pricey.  I may, 
therefore, actually have a 45 gallon "water butt" that  I collect rainwater in.  
(a big 45 gallon plastic trashcan).  Unless  the presence of a tap is the thing 
that makes it a "butt".  chuckle!
Carol   < ' )))><

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