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[APD] Pinpoint Conductivity Meter

I have a question about the Pinpoint Conductivity Meter. I just received 
one. It comes with 45 µS/cm calibration fluid, but I cannot seem to 
calibrate the unit. I place the probe into the solution and after 
verifying that there are no air bubbles I adjust the screw 
counterclockwise. I can get it to go all the way down to 51 µS/cm on the 
display and then it goes no further. So, to test if that was even close, 
I measured my tap water (which is usually about 450 µS/cm) and it read 
160 µS/cm. Now, this is the weird part: I switch the unit to the 20K 
mode and try again. I turn the screw until the display reads 0.45. Now 
my tap water reads 430 µS/cm and my R/O reads 27 µS/cm. It gets weirder 
though. When I switch the unit back to the 2K mode, the calibration 
solution reads 350 µS/cm. The way the unit is described, if the 20K mode 
reads 0.45, then the 2K mode should read 450.

What am I doing wrong?

Jerry Baker

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