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Re: [APD] Salinity Issues

>How come you don't just use calcium and magnesium carbonate?

Because they and similar products are a royal PITA to dissolve whereas
CaCl2 and MgSO4 are INCREDIBLY easy to dissolve.  It's simply a matter
of taking a spoonful and dumping it in the aquarium.

CaSO4, CaCO3, dolomite, Seachem's Equilibrium, Barr's GH Booster, and
the like are, as you already know, are sooooo insoluble.  I would have
to premix them with water before hand or I will end up with clumps of
the stuff floating around the tank for days to come.  Then once it is
premixed and added, the tank becomes very cloudy for several hours to
an entire day. :(  So compared to the easy scoop-and-dump CaCl2, these
products are too much of a hassle.

>You can buy the powders in a health food store for $2 or $3.

You can also buy CaCl2 from Greg Watson for $2.54/lb.

Now I just need someone to assure me that it's not going to screw with
my plants and I'm set. :)


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