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Re: [APD] is Chloride Bad For Plants (CaCl2)

Why would you sign a petition to ban the use of water?

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Subject: Re: [APD] is Chloride Bad For Plants (CaCl2)

Jerry Baker wrote:
> I'd like to take this time to make people aware of the dangers of 
> another chemical that killed more than 3,800 Americans in 2004. That 
> chemical is hydrogen hydroxide, and prolonged inhalation is fatal. Yet, 
> there are crazy people who fill up large tanks with this chemical and 
> keep it right in their homes.

Too true.  Di-hydrogen monoxide is one of the deadliest killers on the 
planet yet we have failed to limit its use in everything from food to 
cosmetics to the air we breathe.....Scary!

I don't remember the site right now but about a year ago I found, and 
signed, a petition to ban its use

Lack of information can be a dangerous thing.

Dennis Dietz

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