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Re: [APD] toys in aquaria

I believe REDRAGON40 at aol_com wrote this email section below:
> Along with the remote controlled submarines and the bubbling clams, etc,  
> don't neglect the outside of the tank.  Be sure to get one of those  magnetic 
> sharks or divers, which have half of the figurine inside the tank, and  half 
> outside.  They are especially attractive when all the paint on the  inside part 
> flakes off. (I know because my grandson has one) LOL

hehe. I've seen these horrid things.

One toy that I've heard is good for Oscars is the placing of a ping pong
ball in the tank.

Seemingly these fish like to play with it.

I wonder if other fish like Angelfish might like one?

Stuart Halliday
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