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Re: [APD] Fish kill

Sounds on the money, Jerry. My understanding is that CO2  in the water does (or can) have a very miniscule effect but way too small to be of any concern for aquatic gardening. Changes in temp make much bigger diffs.
Fish will gasp if their blood CO2 levels are too high. I believe humans will too.
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Rachel S wrote:
> I may be wrong here, but I don't think the amount of CO2 in the water
> affects the amount of O2?

It doesn't as far as I know. I suppose it depends on why the fish are 
gasping. If they are gasping because the CO2 gradient is too small and 
it's not leaving their blood fast enough, lowering ambient CO2 will 
help. If it's because they don't have enough O2, then it won't make any 
real difference.

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