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Re: [APD] RO taste great, less filling.

  Okay Wright, you will incur my wrath and the curse of a vile infestation of BBA upon you and all of your descendents.
  Umm, I'm not sure you or the other wonky water people that put all this mumbo mush in folk's heads, but RO water is just pure water, we get plenty of salts from various ***other sources** like all them tater chips, cheese, junk food is loaded, grease laden slime, gatorade, and 10,000 other things besides water.
  We do not try and horde salts, many folks have too much salt, they need a good flushing. We replace salts with more than mere water alone (think about the differences in tap in the Bay area, CA or worldwide before you respond.)
  Is the salt content, the GH/KH similar? TDS?
  Not even relmotely similar.
  So how are people surviving?
  We do not live on water alone, the small amounts of Ca and other salts are not likely an issues for anyone, if they have a specific condition, they can also take a pill/supplements etc.
  But drinking RO water is not unhealthy, as you wish to imply.
  If that is all you drink, and you do not eat etc, and had some hard water etc, then you might get a few days longer on ther starvation diet.
  Most foods we eat are loaded with salts.
  Our bodies are designed to maintain homestasis with respect to osmolytica/salts.
  They may and do lose some salts with water intake whether it's pure or hard, you will lose a little more with pure water though (same can be said for food), but as long as you plan on eating sometime in the near future, probably not an issue since the salts ARE IN FACT REPLACED as we eat and drink other things besides water. People do not live on water alone(or the salts in tap). 
  Maybe you can refrain from peeing, you lose a large amount of salt that way.
  We lose salt and we take it in, the lion's share comes from foods, not water.
  Do a salt budget based on what you eat vs the water intake you use per day.
  The labels are on the backs of most foods many of us eat.
  Eat a banana, gnaw on some jerky, eat some veggies, you can add more salt on food if you drink RO.   
  Few folks drink a gallon a day of tap, some do.
  But it's not for the salts. I've heard this baloney for several years about pure water being bad for you. The issue they seem to always leave out is that the salts are added back again with a normal diet.
  If you miss that part, then it seems like an issue.
  Perhaps you should not keep fish and plants in softer water, they will die from lack of salts.
  That does not happen either.
  My tank does fine at a KH of 10ppm, or 50ppm, or 100ppm. 
  Same with fish.
  How do those Killi fish survive in that soft pure rainwater?
  Probably the same way we do.
  Tom Barr

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