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Re: [APD] Fish kill

It *might* have been something triggered by the pH change, namely, the percent of ammonium/ammonia that is in the form of ammonia -- that percentage increases as a function of pH. But in a planted tank, ammonia is not usually a problem -- the plants or bacteria suck it up too fast -- unless one unleashes a boatload of detritus, food, or dead fish in a very short period of time. More likely, as Liz says, it was something else, perhaps something that triggered the pH change rather than the other way around.
Harmlessly, pH swings wider than these occur in nature, where the fish haven't read the old mythology that such things are supposed to be harmful.

On could even say that "pH" stands for "probably harmless." ;-)
Liz noted that:

The pH change didn't kill fish -- something else did.  My fish undergo a pH
swing of 1 or more units over a period of 5 minutes once a week with a water
change.  Even fish that are supposed to be sensitive to pH swings tolerate
it fine.  My pH meter is on a timer as well, and I see pH swings of .5 units
every night.

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