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Re: [APD] Fish kill

On 1/6/06, Joe Wunsch <wunsch4 at tricot_mgacoxmail.com> wrote:
> No more problems everybody was where they belonged this morning. One of
> the
> comments was to hook the co2 regulator to a timer. I tried that in the
> beginning, and that was a total disaster as I killed a bunch of fish
> because
> of the drastic ph change. Seems if you don't have semi hard water the ph
> changes very rapidly as the tank was going from 6.9 during the day to 7.6by
> next morning after lights out.

The pH change didn't kill fish -- something else did.  My fish undergo a pH
swing of 1 or more units over a period of 5 minutes once a week with a water
change.  Even fish that are supposed to be sensitive to pH swings tolerate
it fine.  My pH meter is on a timer as well, and I see pH swings of .5 units
every night.

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