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Re: [APD] Air bubbling

I believe S. Hieber wrote this email section below:
> Oh yes, one of the oldest and most persistent myths in the hobby is that
> an air stone imparts O2 to water largely by diffusing directly from the
> bubbles to the water. Actually, the main value of an air stone is the
> water movement it creates, not O2 in the bubbles being added directly to
> the water. 

I have a air stone in one of my small tank. But it's just under the surface 
so it's just providing water movement.
Works a treat.

 > So a small powerhead can get you much more water movement,
 > usually for no more cost.

I tried a small powerhead once and all it did was choke up with floating 
plant material and the occasional Hymenochirus boettgeri (Dwarf African 
Frog) who'd get a limb caught in the intake and drown!

At least air stones don't kill my inhabitants.

Stuart Halliday
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